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Economic Issues

More Money in Your Wallet and Food on the Table


Too much government is often seen as the solution to our problems. In reality, the work ethic and creativity of individuals and businesses is what makes our economy strong. I believe government should do all it can to create new good paying jobs and reject policies that slow job growth and the economy. In addition, those individuals working within government need the tools to break through the nightmares of bureaucracy. To build a stronger and more prosperous Missouri, I support:

1. Keeping taxes low for Missouri families and businesses.
2. Reining in wasteful government spending by finding ways to make everyday processes more efficient dollar-for-dollar from the local level all the way up to the state.
3. Rolling back burdensome, job-killing regulations.


The Farmer is the only one in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells his product at wholesale and pays the freight both ways. I understand the importance farming plays in Missouri’s economy and to our rural tradition as a state.  I support measures to roll back existing and prevent future government regulations that unreasonably restrict the rights of Missouri’s farmers.


I believe every child has a right to a quality K-12 education whether it’s public, private or at home. I support a parent’s right to choose where their children get an education. I support strong funding for our schools and paying good teachers well. I also believe local control of education is critical.  To that end, I will fight attempts by the federal government to dictate to local schools how to educate our kids.  Parents and school boards should be empowered to make decisions concerning the education of our children.

Social Issues

Defend Missourian Values



Human life is sacred. The role of government is to ensure the protection of innocent human life, particularly when it comes to the lives of the weakest and most vulnerable in our society. Government must do all it can to protect the rights of the unborn to fulfill their God-given potential. We cannot allow those who defend infanticide to act as if they have any moral authority.



One of my earliest memories growing up was shooting Coke cans in the backyard with my brothers. We need to protect Missouri’s gun heritage. As a State Representative, I will be a relentless advocate for the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Missourians. No compromises can be made with the radical left and their agenda to disarm every American citizen.


All too often today, we see the Christian values and religious history of our country under attack from all political angles. From the left, avowed socialists, communists, and characters of every type slander God and work tirelessly to destroy anything that is sacred or beautiful. As State Representative, I will keep myself humbled and true to my Christian faith over any political issue and follow the Ten Commandments. We cannot begin to even discuss politics if we do not have a truly good and virtuous understanding of morals and proper behavior. Scandals of immorality are a plague upon the GOP, and it's time to say enough.



Ensuring quality and affordable healthcare for our citizens, particularly our children and seniors, is critical.  I support increasing access to healthcare by fostering more choices for patients and reducing bureaucratic burdens on patients and physicians to make prescription drugs and healthcare affordable. Additionally, we must protect and keep our rural hospitals up and running. I also support laws to increase accessibility to group health insurance for small business owners to help them provide excellent and affordable healthcare to their employees.

Local Issues

Make Northwest Missouri HEARD


Eminent domain is currently being abused across northern Missouri in the name of wind turbines for the large-scale project known as the Grain Belt Express. Our citizens deserve better treatment and respect of their property rights and must be allowed to reject this invasive government expansion across our skyline and through our farmland. The bureaucrats and swamp creatures need to be put in their place. As State Representative, I will never back down on our private property rights.


Protecting our communities from violence and crime is one of the central functions of government. Members of law enforcement and first responders put their lives on the line every day, and they deserve the support of their elected officials.  I will always support law enforcement and first responders in northwest Missouri by ensuring, on a community by community basis, they have the proper funding and political support needed to do their jobs effectively.


I am a strong believer in what I call "outdoor therapy". Being outdoors to hunt, camp, or go fishing is good for your mind and soul. However, Little Otter Creek is even more vital for our communities than for just these reasons.

The recent droughts created disasters that deeply affected our local farming community. The Little Otter Creek reservoir would provide a minimum of 1.2 million gallons of water supply per day to Caldwell, Clinton, and surrounding counties. We have spent previous years working with project engineers, the USDA, NRCS, landowners, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and many environmental and wildlife organizations to create the plan and acquire the space needed for the project. They are working to receive all of the proper permits, additional funding through grants, and to make sure all concerns and regulations for the environment and wildlife are carefully met. As State Representative, I will work tirelessly with teams and help our local committees to bring this project to completion.

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