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Hailing from the great state of Missouri, David Woody is a lifelong resident. Born in Smithville, Woody and his family - father Glen, mother Becky, and brothers Virgil and Kore - grew up together in Gladstone just outside of Kansas City. Graduating from North Kansas City High School and Columbia College, David then joined the United States Army early on as a young man. Serving as a combat engineer since 2012, Woody gained the discipline and skills necessary for providing back to his community. A political outsider, he did not find his passion for the political life or public service until the 2016 political cycle - following in the energy and footsteps of then-Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Their engaging styles - one bold and brash, the other calculated and intellectual - stirred him to action.

(Mention of rank and status do not imply endorsement by the Army of the Department of Defense.)

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